Sri Reddy comments on Babu Gogineni

Babu Gogineni, Who is an very famous person with his talks in Telugu Television Shows and he is one of the person famous for scientific debates in Media Channels.Now he is one of the contestant in Big boss 2 Telugu Show. Babu Gogineni was in trouble with a police case, Veeranarayana named person filed a complaint against Babu Gogineni in Madhapur, Hyderabad police station, Reason mentioned in the case was that “he revealed some Aadhar card details”.

With the immediate effect form the complaint, Police registered a case against babu gogineni and investigating started. Rumour is that there is a person behind these scene, namely Sri Reddy, who is famous for raising a Casting Couch issue into limelight in Tollywood Industry,recently she posted a interesting post in social media.

Sri Reddy Facebook Post on Babu Gogineni :

Sri reddy  posted in social media platform i.e, ” Hero of the year ram narayana garu.. great andi..babu gogineni pai fir aindhi.. yeppudu ne raaka mari big boss nunchi.. ne kosam ne police maamalu waiting#breaking nd shocking news” in her facebook account.

Sri Reddy Comments on Babu Gogineni in Facebook :