Best Health Insurance policies in India
Best Health Insurance policies in India

Top Health Insurance Policies in India

Total 23 companies are providing health insurance in India. But now the question is

  1. how to choose health insurance?
  2. Why company will offer best insurance plan?

Many questions in everyone’s mind. Here Telugu Journalism is brought to you by considering the health insurance provided by 23 various companies in the country to help them survive and trying to give more info regarding insurance.

Lets Begin:

The first question in everyone’s mind was the one who eligible for taking the health insurance policy? How much money should the policy take?

Generally, the health insurance policy is starts from 1 rupee up to more than 10 lakh rupees. Many insurance policies are available on the basis of the insurance company’s performance, services, policy details and fame.

While 23 companies offer health insurance, 65 policies and 400 products are available in the market. For each of these, the best way to do was to work on a premium basis. Some of the companies got huge response which is based on age factor. Most of Health Insurance policies are below 35 years only. ICICI lombard offering Premium  health insurance with 5283/- rupees only and for 5 Lakh rupees benefit.

Mint Survey Report on Health Insurance :

As per survey by “Mint Survey” : Best policy to the person, under the age of 45 years (in terms of the five lakh Sum Assured Individual Health Policy) suggests that the Apollo Munich Easy Health Standard. This premium  product is priced at 7,108 rupees with a 74% score of ‘A’ rating. In the second place, there is an aptima Munich health care facility and This product premium is priced at Rs 8,453 with a 72% score of ‘A’ rating.

The Mint Survey has been named as “Individual Health Protector” bestowed by IFCO Tokio. In General terms of the five lakhs Sum Assured Individual Health Policy for those under the age of 45 and above 65 years.

The Health Insurance Premium Rating and Pricing Details :

  • The product premium with a ‘A’ rating of 74% is Rs. 20,789.
  • The same policy is available in Religare health, while its premium is 18,216 rupees.
  • In the age of 65, over 70 years old, the IQO Tokio General is providing the Individual Health Protector Better.
  • This is a premium of Rs. 32,222, which is Rs 5 lakhs sum assured.
  • The Pewar General’s Health Saved Gold premium of Rs.22,260 is the second best policy for the 70-year-old Sum Assured category.


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