Different types of Loans in India 2017-2018

Land Purchase Loans :

Land Purchase Loans allow us to buy a plot and place. Most banks offer loans up to 85% of the plot price. Banks and National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) are issuing loans to those who want to buy plots for investment rather than just the goal of building a house.

Stamp duty launches :

A big place to buy a house. Stamp duty is going to cost heavily. Correctly, banks are offering stamp duty as a stamp duty to pay stamp duty charges.

Bridge Loans :

These loans for those people who already taken home loan from a bank and tried to purchase new home. First Home loan can transferred to purchased ones. So this loan will benefit them, who get offer price after getting first home loan.

Study Loans :

These loans are for students who wants to study with the benefit of bank loans. Who are economically very sick they can get study loans. Most banks are offering study loans for students who went or going to abroad.


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