Heat over NorthKorea and United States of America
Heat over NorthKorea and United States of America

War Tension between United States of America and North Korea

Tension between North Korea and the Americas afraid to all. North Korea getting ready to teach a lesson to America with battle. America also ready to fight against North Korea. North Korea was angry about sending US aircraft into Korean waters. North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Hagan Song Ryol expose his government idea about America. He also said that after Donald Trump tweets the tension hipe into doubled. North Korea has warned about using of nuclear weapons.

On Saturday, April 15, North Korean founder Kim Il Sang is organizing a huge arrangement for Kim Ill birthday celebrations. On Kim Il Sung’s birthday North Korea organising a largest Military parade in the country. It seems very hard time for all. NorthKorea aggressive behaviour about war will affect all the countries.

NorthKorea waring about Nuclear Bombs:

North Korea is preparing for a Missile Test in this time. For the counter to North Korea, US is preparing to attack against North Korea. US also gave Warning to North Korea indirectly with bombs on Syria, Afghanistan. America has also kept Tomahawk cruise missiles in northern Korea. The North Korean nuclear test was set at 483 kilometers away. There are also large bombs of USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier already there. What does North Korea do on April 15th? The world is waiting for the reply.

US Attack on Syria:

More than Hundred people killed in US-led coalition troops air attacks in Syria. As per US army more than 100 syrian terrorists and their camps collapsed with US Air attack. Army General Command said in a statement that there are hundreds of civilians were killed. Also said that many people killed by the Syrian army with toxic gases, they also arguing that Syria government accused for Syrian chemical attack.  ISIS clear that no one killed in airstrike of US army in syria. US Army attacked with Mother of all bombs on Syria to destroy terror camps in Syria.


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