Total List of Insurance Policies 2016-2017

Total List of Insurance Policies and Companies : The Word Insurance is a typical word in many of ordinary people. Many people not aware of this word. But now India becoming best place and right time to insure. Insurance will financial protection to those who already did a policy with specific Insurance Premium. . It will work for Persons, Property and many more. But we don’t have much more knowledge about Insurance so Telugu Journalism are trying to provide “What is Insurance. How Insurance works. What is the main benefits with Insurance information is providing here.

Who needs life insurance?

Everyone is eligible to take an Life Insurance policy. Insurance is the best plan to protect your family and your well wishers after you. Now question has raised that there is no question Who need Insurance policy. There is no exception for Insurance policies.  

Life insurance to reduce taxes?

We know that Insurance policies will decrease the tax which effects on our income. But it’s not true. The Main purpose of life insurance is different. Investing in these can save you a large amount of tax burden.

Precautions before taking Insurance Policies :

Most insurance companies tries to collect all money in few years from join of date. Usually such charges are to be charged only for a minimum period of time until the policy is in action. This means in the beginning of the policy, your account will be credited as per policy for a few years.



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