Amit Shah steps in Telangana for BJP
Amit Shah steps in Telangana for BJP

Amit Shah steps in Telangana for BJP

The program was drawn from Telangana by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been breaking up in the South. The party’s National president Amit Shah is visiting Telangana. Amit Shah came to this firm to firmly strengthen the party in the state of Telangana, it was politically the most important as the president of the party at the Center. Amitha Shah directing BJP leaders in telangana after meeting with them.

BJP National President Amit Shah trying to gain anti KCR opportunities by together all BJP leaders. He said the Telangana government did not implementing all schemes in the states. He condemn the behaviour of Telangana state Chief Minister KCR and His family members. He also said Telangana govt. did not implementing central prestigious scheme Swach Bharat at all. There is no toilets in many schools at now. The lack of toilets is not enough to make the central schemes fall down.

Amit Shah call to The BJP leaders to went door to door and suggested the party’s ambitions and central governments policies. Amit Shah said that Modi is working for everyone, to work for everyone. Amit expressed his belief that the BJP will come to power in Telangana too.

After this meeting BJP leaders Kishan Reddy, Laxman, BJP MLA Raja singh gave some instructions and suggestion to Amith Shah about party in telangana state. Raja Singh one more time complained about some leaders in party. He said there is group politics in party. BJP Leaders hope better growth after Amith Shah tour in the State of Telangana.


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