CM KCR Counter On BJP Amit Shah Comments

Telangana Chief Minister KCR express his opinion on supporting with Modi Team. Previously Many times he supported Modi government decision like GST bill etc. Now Modi, KCR bond may broken by the BJP chief Amith Shah tour in Telangana. Amit Shah attacked on Telangana state govt on central govt funds for state. KCR very aggressive on Amith Shah words. It may cause Presidential elections too. KCR conducted a press meet and slam amith shah and Central Govt for not allocating sufficient funds to telangana.

Telangana govt requests for Backward area funds from Central Govt. But Central Govt made some difficult issue for fund release. Telangana govt demand 50 crore for each backward area hence 450 crore for state. The Center said funds would be released only after submission of utilization certificates for last year. telangana govt made those certificates and submitted to central govt. But central govt did not respond properly. Telangana CM KCR already wrote a letter to PM Modi on this issue. He did not get any proper reply from PMO. So He is angry on central govt for not releasing funds.

KCR Counter On BJP Amit Shah Comments :

Now Amith shah statements doubled KCR anger. Then he execute a meeting with press and questions central govt for all state related issues. Amit Shah said central govt released one lakh rupees funds for state of telangana. But State govt did not take central name anywhere. CM KCR countered this statement. He said central govt released only 24 thousand crore to telangana. At a time central bags one lakh rupees from telangana as taxes and other paths. So finally a small dispute between Modi and KCR can affect both TRS and BJP parties.

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