Truecaller : Best Hidden Features and Updates

Up To Now as we know that True Caller is an a*pplication that provides us with information that who calls us, but now recent update changes our opinion, the Truecaller App that offers us more features in upcoming updates. The new version of the True Caller is going to be released very soon.

The Android version adds up two new features. they are, “One number scanner and fast track numbering features”. These two features are expected to be released in Android 8.45 version. with this update, User can handle “unknown calls to spam messages and calls” So the first feature allows the Number Scan to directly scan a number from business cards, web sites, street signs, shopfront through a phone card.

Users in India can scan a number and use it for upi payments. Truecaller users can also send or receive a request money, recharge or flash message from their contacts. For important numbers we can connect to app directly within a seconds. You can delete the message sent wrongly in Whatsapp. When you see an Important Phone number you can connect it directly to your phone with the Truecaller in seconds.  

Video calling : TrueCaller is available in the 8th version and user can make an video call from the True Caller app. True Caller signed with Google Duo for it. This allows you to make an video call without specifically use a different app. But this change in the version of Android is now going on. This change will soon be made in the IOS operating system.

Message filtering : The messaging option is already available in TrueCaller. It will give you an additional feature. That separates the spam (messages of unsolicited promotion companies). It will send all mobile numbers to one tab, online promotion companies to another tab. Along with this you can send flash messages with emoji if you can not call a call on any occasion


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