Reliance jio mobile updates and release date in india
Reliance jio mobile updates and release date in india

Jio mobile updates and release date in india

As per reports, Distribution of Reliance jio phone seems to delay.  Reports indicate that the delivery of phones will take a while after receiving the unpredictable response to the phone while bookings started on August 24.  The phone, which came to bookings in online and offline stores on August 24, has revealed that more than sixty million preBooks have been received.

Due to Huge response and demand for jio mobile phone , Temporarily the reliance company shut down the booking of mobile phone. Only interested users are currently registered for mobile. As per Reports, that the jio phone Delivery will begin from Navratri festival. Reports said that the delivery dates were set from September 25 for customers within the Delhi-NCR range. According to the schedule, these phones should be delivered in the first week of September.

But From a retailer of Reliance Digital Store said that, these phones might take some time to come to their stores. Reliance Digital Express Mini store representatives said the phones will come in stores on September 24th . This phone will be provided in First Come First Served Basis. In cities the availability of mobile has in different dates. Reliance Jio has taken this phone pre-bookings by offline and online. Firstly, Jio Phone has been booked for Rs 500. But bookings were reduced and stopped within two days. Jeo said that it will soon be preparing pre-bookings again.


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