How to Remove virus from Android phone
How to Remove virus from Android phone

How to Remove virus from Android phone

Are You Using Android Phone? So read this article without missing the whole story. The prominent security firm Check Point has found that the 50 most popular Apps has an malware in the Google Play Store. Yes you read it right, these 50 most populous apps has an very dangerous malware.

It is considered to be the largest of the malware incidents ever made in history. More than  21.1 million Android phones around the world have been hit by the malware called “Expensive Wall”. If Once it enters in to your phone, your account balance will be empty by sending expensive SMS to international premium services without knowing you. It also captures photos from your phone without you knowing it. The audio recorder also sends the sensitive data, such as most passwords, to the developer.

If you have any one of these 50 Android apps on your phone, this expensive wall hits your phone. Instantly uninstall them. These are the apps names.

List of Malware(Virus) Affected Apps in Android App :

  1. I Love Filter
  2. Toolbox Pro X WALLPAPER
  3. Horoscope
  4. X Wallpaper Pro
  5. Beautiful Camera
  6. Color Camera
  7. Love Photo
  8. Tide Camera
  9. Charming Camera
  10. DIY Your Screen
  11. Ringtone
  12. Safe locker
  13. Wifi Booster
  14. Cool Desktop
  15. userful cube
  16. Horoscope 2.0
  17. Yes Star
  18. Shiny Camera
  19. Smiling Camera
  20. Universal Camera
  21. Amazing Toolbox
  22. Easy Capture
  23. Memory Doctor
  24. Reborn Beauty
  25. Joy Photo
  26. Fancy Camera
  27. Amazing Photo
  28. Amazing Camera
  29. Super Wallpaper
  30. DD Player
  31. Fascinating Camera
  32. Cream Camera
  33. Looking Camera
  34. Global Weather
  35. Love Fitness
  36. Pretty Pictures
  37. Beauty Camera
  38. Funny Camera
  39. Easy Camera
  40. Smart Keyboard
  41. Travel Camera
  42. PhotoWrap
  43. Up Camera
  44. Quick Charger
  45. Lattice Camera
  46. Lovely Wallpaper
  47. HD Wallpaper
  48. Wallpapers HD
  49. Oneshot Beautify
  50. Pretty Camera
  51. Cartoon Camera
  52. Art Camera
  53. Fine Photo
  54. Infinity safe
  55. Safe Privacy
  56. Fancy Locker
  57. Magic Filter
  58. Funny Video

Like in many apps this malware is posed. Remove them immediately.


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